Writing is difficult. When I left the grey, drizzly, confusingly-melancholy haze of England, I made a promise to myself – to archive everything that I experienced while travelling through the USA. Ive been here now for 5 weeks and have written nothing more than the 8 email addresses and phone numbers that are lingering around, without details of the people they belong to, in my specially bought ‘journal’. So much stuff has happened while I’ve been here – I’ve met a massive extent of kind and interesting people, seen some beautiful places and experienced some crazy American cultures and food! But it is one person in particular who has finally inspired me and prompted me to start writing this blog – an amazingly kind, overly caring, beautiful and adventurous young woman who serendipitously happens to be living in a wooden cottage just across the road from my current and temporary accommodation – Kristen. We’ve had a lot of adventures in the short 2 weeks that I’ve known her, she and her friend Rebecca have kind of made it their mission to show me the wonders of Allegany county and beyond; and in showing me, I believe they have rediscovered it for themselves. I have realised just how easy it is for some of the most beautiful places on Earth to become stale when you know them too well; I think of home back in Cornwall quite often and although I’m having too much fun here to really miss the place, I appreciate it now more than ever. I didn’t know when I first met her, but Kristen keeps a blog which I now have bookmarked in the top bar of Safari – The Western Life. After reading through some of it, the things we have done and talked about suddenly became more valid. In simply living them they just get stuck in the ever expanding ‘back room’ of my mind, waiting hopefully to get sorted into some kind of fathomable format. Its crazy that it has taken me 21 years to realise that memories are so important – they define who you are – and I should take care of them rather than put them in what seems like an attic space with boxes of old things that you know are there, but can never really find them.

Im currently sitting in the office of Pollywogg Holler, on one of the very few grey-skied days that I’ve witnessed since being out here, drinking PG tips (the only english tea I was able to find on the extensive wall of tea in a Giant store), listening to Sun Kil Moon’s latest album and trying to occupy myself from thinking over and over about the events of the previous evening and figuring out what to do with myself. Probably not the best weather/music for this task but I guess its what got me out here in the first place. Life has a strange way of taking over all rational thought and I get sucked in very easily to simply living in the moment, without regard for past or future. I’ve come to terms with the realisation that I’m a bit of a nomad, nay, a complete nomad and I’m not sure if I’ll ever have complete stability or if I want that. When you don’t know what you want to ‘be’, the possibilities become vast and life is exciting, however I can’t rely on the kindness of others taking me under their wing my whole life. I guess that I need to have more of a plan, not too much more, but at least a plan of what I want to achieve that extends further than than next 10 days of my life! I hope that keeping up this blog will not only give family and friends their fix of knowledge in regards to where I am, what I’m up to and that at the least I’m still alive; but will also give me the ability to analyse what I’ve done/what I’m doing/what I’ve learnt and decide what to do next.

If this works, thank you.